Twilight 2013

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The beginning of last night’s game found the party captured in Wawel Castle. The guards were subdued during the previous gaming session and now the whole castle was on alert. While re-equipping and reloading, a powerful explosion shook the castle causing dust and dirt to fall into room.

While discussing the next course of action, a key was inserted into the metal door securing the prison block. The party took up defensive positions and prepared for the worst. The door creaked open and a familiar face appeared – sergent Weipolski of the ORMO. He explained that those loyal to him blew up the fuel dump as a diversion thereby giving the party a chance to escape. In addition, Sergent Wiepolski returned the group’s primary equipment and weapons which he stole from the armory below and the promised 6 WP grenades and 20 frags.

Sergent Weipolski informed the group that the their vehicles and other equipment were safely stowed at a farmhouse 15 miles to the north of Krakow. Their best bet – to steal the helicopter.

The group took the uniforms of the subdued guards and moved out of the prison block with two “prisoners” in tow. By retracing their steps, the party made their way to the castle courtyard. Everything was in chaos as the flames of the burning fuel dumped filled the air with thick, black smoke.

Viper, spotted the hanger and the accompany 4 guards which guarded it. As they crossed the courtyard, Viper, in his very basic Polish accent, told the guards that someone was trying to steal the helicopter. They took the bait, hook, line and sinker and turned to respond to the false threat. Thinking quickly, he tossed a WP grenade in their vicinity, which promptly burned them to death.

The group entered the hanger, only to find two more guards who fell to the automatic gunfire of the lead characters. Hearing additional guards approaching, the group took up a position next to the helicopters with the “prisoners” lying on the ground. Deciding to act quickly and decisively, Viper tossed a WP grenade into their vicinity, quickly kill them all. The throw was off, however, the several burning fragments of WP struck Viper and Chad. Their wounds were grievous, but the quick-thinking SEAL (Red Beard) and Shrimp were able to remove the burning fragments with their knives.

Viper, having never flown a helicopter before, was able to start the engine. As the rotor gained speed, Sergent Wiepolski joined the group in the helicopter and began to assist the fledgling pilot.

An APC moved in front of the hangar. Shrimp squeezed the trigger sending a rocket slamming into the side of the APC and catching it on fire.

Viper pushed the controls forward, flying awkwardly out of the hangar. The helicopter pitched back and forth as he struggled with the controls. Red Beard took aim and vaporized several guards that were responding to the cries of alarm from their fellows. Rockets and bullets struck down any visible guards and the helicopter bounced and slammed into the ground.

A second APC arrived on the scene, but Shrimp proved to be quicker. Another rocket slammed into the new APC sending it turret into the air.

The helicopter gained it’s “footing” and rose into the air. Sergent Wiepolski gave directions how to find the farmhouse to the North. Once there, he, Marian and Piotyr went their way, but not before giving the group the location of the local CIA operative as well as the code name to meet with him.

The group, after healing, traveled back to the outskirts of Krakow where they met with the CIA operative in the munitions factory that he ran in Krakow. The CIA informed the group that the Reset papers were actually computer schematics that would allow the nation or government that possessed them, the ability to rebuild their computer network, thereby giving them a huge advantage over the rest of the world.

The papers were handed over to the CIA and Civ Gov in exchange for ammunition, explosives, helicopter parts and a chance at passage to the USA. Passage to the USA would be on wooden sailing ships which could not transport a helicopter or vehicles. The CIA is to take possession of the vehicles at the port in return for vauchers for new vehicles once they arrive in the USA.

The group set up an ambush for Sergent Cutler (Connor) in revenge for the slaying of the US Special Forces team that they ambushed at the beginning of the adventure. Cutler’s outfit passed between two houses, failing to see the well-laid ambush. WP grenades and gunfire tore through the three trucks as strategically placed c-4 explosive took out the lead HUMVEE.

Within a short time, all of Cutler’s band were dead and in a most gruesome manner. Cutler’s body could not be identified as the corpses of the group were badly burned.

The group returned to the farmhouse where they repaired the helicopter and prepared to travel westward to board the sailing ships bound for home.

Welcome to your Adventure Log!

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